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As regular travellers ourselves we would be pleased to share our experiences with you. Whether you are looking for advice on destinations, specific hotels, air travel, visa, luggage or health issues, we are always available and, if we don’t immediately know the answer to your query, we will do some research and come back to you.

By taking the time to discuss holidays with our clients on their return, we have also a wealth of informed advice from other travellers. We can often recommend hotels based on this information, or on occasions provide constructive criticism as to why you might not want to stay at a particular property.

If you are travelling on one of our own holidays – tennis, skiing or with Tuscany Too – our knowledge is very detailed. We have visited most of our featured hotels and indeed stayed in many of them. We have skied the resort, played on the tennis courts and swum in the tennis pools of our Tuscan villas!

Whilst the internet does offer a wealth of information, sometimes it is good to speak to a ‘real person’. Call us today on 01962 713330 and we would be pleased to offer any advice that you might need.

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The Passport Office have now recovered from the bad publicity surrounding the massive backlog of applications a few years ago and seems to offer a very fast and efficient service. They offer a 24 hour helpline which answers many of the questions that you may have when applying for a new or replacement passport – Call 0870 521 0410, or you may use to visit their website at

If you are short of time when applying for a replacement passport, the Post Office offers a ‘fast track’ service which costs under £5. A member of the Post Office staff will check your application form for errors and then submit it directly to the Passport Office. Your new passport will be mailed to your home address, usually within 10 days (although you can ask for it to be processed more quickly, if required).