Groups and Clubs

Tennis holidays for groups and clubs

Tennis groups and clubs

It is understandable that many of the groups that we arrange holidays for come from tennis clubs around the UK. Many clubs already run one or more annual holidays for their members and we are pleased to provide a competitive quotation for your own club’s next trip. Some trips are arranged by the club committee, others by the resident club coach – either way we offer a friendly and helpful service to help to launch and manage your booking with us.

Questions to consider

As a guide for those that haven’t run a trip before, these are some of the things that you might wish to discuss before contacting us:

  • How many members you might want to attract?
  • Are you aiming at a certain age group within the club or maybe looking to arrange a family trip for instance?
  • Will you bring your own coach (we can often provide a free place on a group holiday for an accompanying coach)?
  • Which airport would you prefer to travel from?
  • What kind of accommodation would you prefer – self catering, catered, hotel, apartment or villa?
  • How much tennis coaching would you like to include?
  • Would you like to include additional pre-booked court time for matches between those on the trip?
  • Would you like to include other activities or excursions during the trip?

What we provide

We endeavour to offer a hassle-free service for the group leader, helping you to promote the trip amongst club members. Once we have agreed the package that you would like to promote, we can provide:

  • Promotional material to help advertise the trip – posters and flyers for instance.
  • A simple invoicing system with simple spreadsheet to keep track of monies paid by those coming on the holiday.
  • The facility for those on the holiday to forward payments via you, as group leader, or directly to us.
  • A comprehensive itinerary before you depart, with copies for all group members if required.
  • A 24 hour helpline whilst you are abroad if you have any problems.