Spa Treatments

Spa and Beauty Treatments

Spa Treatments

As well as enjoying the excellent golf and tennis facilities that our featured resorts offer, you might well wish to use the spa treatments and health centres that many have. La Manga Club and Vale do Lobo have particularly good health centres with an extensive range of interesting spa treatments, sports activities and other leisure facilities.

Spain - The Spa at La Manga Club

At the Spa La Manga Club you will find a haven of peace and tranquillity. Located in a elevated setting at the new Las Lomas Village and Spa, 3 minutes drive from the Hyatt Regency La Manga Hotel, the 2,000 metre squared Spa offers guests the ultimate health and spa experience.

Set out over two floors, this stylish and spacious facility includes saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, fun showers and a tranquil relaxation area, as well as a large, superbly equipped gymnasium, dedicated fitness studio and 25 metre lap pool, with separate children’s pool.

A total of 13 treatment rooms offer a vast array of pampering, soothing, rejuvenating and relaxing spa treatments using the finest quality Kerstin Florian products and the latest techniques.

An exclusive range of treatments has been created by Hyatt’s internationally renowned spa division to offer every one of your senses an unforgettable experience. Such treatments include a ‘Golfers Tonic’, which consists of a relaxing hydrotherapy bath, soothing and healing reflexology foot massage and deep tissue aromatherapy massage to ease away any remaining tension.

Two ‘couples’ rooms have been designed to allow you to enjoy this unique experience with a partner or friend. For a truly incomparable sense of well being, three deluxe suites provide the perfect retreat, where you can surrender yourself to a full day’s head-to-toe indulgence and redress the balance of both body and mind.

Guests staying in either the Hotel or Las Lomas Village receive complimentary access to the indoor swimming pool and children’s pool, poolside and changing room saunas and steam rooms along with the state of the art gymnasium. Those staying outside of Hyatt accommodation can choose to pay a daily or weekly charge for this new facility at Las Lomas Village.

Spa La Manga Club - Signature Treatments

Every treatment in the exclusive Spa La Manga Club Collection has been created to offer each and every one of your senses an unforgettable spa experience.

Mud, glorious mud

Their signature body wrap uses mud from the Mar Menor – the Murcia region’s very own equivalent of the Dead Sea – which is renowned for its curative and beautifying properties. A full body warm mud wrap is complemented by a regenerative facial masque, followed by an invigorating application of body cream. The results: relief from aching joints and muscles, smoother, softer skin and an unsurpassed sense of wellbeing.

Aloe vera sunburn relief

This soothing treatment uses the natural healing properties of Aloe Vera to provide instant relief for sunburnt skin. A cooling pure Aloe Vera body wrap, relaxing scalp and foot massage and application of an Aloe moisturising cream will leave your skin feeling refreshed and soft, and both mind and body relaxed.

Olive marmalade cellulite treatment

Brimming with Vitamin E, anti-oxidants and nutrients, Mediterranean olive oil is highly effective in tackling cellulite. Following the application of four essential oils and an exclusive olive oil marmalade, an energising full-body massage will stimulate circulation and boost the lymphatic system, improving skin elasticity for a firmer, smoother appearance.

Luxury Foot Treatment for Two

This simple yet sensational treat includes a luxurious foot soak, exfoliating scrub, invigorating massage for feet and lower legs and a neck and shoulder massage.

Golfer’s Tonic

A relaxing hydrotherapy bath followed by a soothing and healing reflexology foot massage and an aromatherapy massage to ease away any lingering tension… A wonderful way to end the day.

Club House

This superb treatment combination will relax, revitalise and leave you feeling like new after tennis, golf or any kind of physical exertion. Includes an uplifting aromatherapy bath, a full body massage and a revitalising facial treatment.

Resort Retreat

The ultimate “me-time” treat that will pamper both body and soul: A relaxing hydrotherapy soak, your choice of 60-minute massage and a deluxe manicure and pedicure.

Ultimate Spa Experience

This thoroughly indulgent experience includes both our luxurious Lavender kur (comprising a body scrub, hydrotherapy bath and full body massage) and our ultra-effective Caviar facial.

Guilt-free Golf

Treat your partner to the perfect escape while you are out on the golf course. We start with our exclusive Samezen ritual, which includes a skin softening full-body exfoliation, relaxing herbal bath and soothing hot stone massage. A pampering 80-minute facial, make-up application and manicure complete this sensational spa experience.

Resort Bliss

An indulgent full-day spa experience. We start with an uplifting Aroma Kur (including invigorating body scrub, aromatherapy mineral bath and luxurious aromatherapy wrap), followed by an 80-minute massage, 80-minute facial, deluxe manicure and pedicure.

Portugal - Barringtons at Vale do Lobo

Barringtons is a health and spa centre in Vale de Lobo to which some of our featured properties have membership. You can also choose to pay locally to join for the period of your stay at Vale do Lobo. It offers a gym and fitness centre, therapies and treatments as follows:

Gym and Fitness Centre

This features:
Fully equipped gym featuring the latest cardio-vascular equipment
Free and fixed weights area
Qualified team of fitness instructors

Studio Classes
These include: Yoga and Pilates, ump and Body Conditioning, aqua aerobics and Step / Dance classes and Martial Arts.

Squash Courts

Spa Facilities Swimming Pool
Tranquil spa area featuring indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and solarium. Beauty salon and hairdressers.

Sports Pitch
Football pitch and training ground adjoining the Club, with training grids and practice goals.

Barringtons at Vale do Lobo - Therapies and Treatments

The following treatments and therapies are available at Barrington’s:

Cristina Tengarrinha – Shiatsu – Reiki – Sports & Body Massage

Cristina is a therapist and masseuse of alternative therapies such as Shiatsu, Reiki and Reflexology, helping you to recover your vital energy. She can help to correct or relieve problems and blockages of internal organs. She will also assist in relieving pain and releasing tension improving your physical, mental and emotional health. A sport and relaxing body massage is a great compliment to any physical activity. Cristina will help to relieve tensions and sports injuries leaving you with a well-being sensation.

Sol Viegas – Ayurvedic Massage `Abhyanga´

Ayurveda sanskrit term means `Science of Life´ or `Right Living´, it’s an ancient Indian form of healing, which uses herbal oils and powders as medicine. It is a natural method of relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating the human body and mind. Improves the circulartory system and stimulates the marmal energy points, so tissue and organs are nourished. Ayurvedic massage is both mental and physical well being. It fine tunes the body and mind, nerves muscles, organs, breath and purifies blood.

Thai Yoga Massage

A perfect combination between Yoga and Massage, with roots in Ayurvedic medicine. It balances the body`s energetic system, relieving blockages, involves acupressure and stretching techniques that help to open the body. It brings benefits on metal, emotional and physical levels.

Romaine Shefa – Japanese Reflexology Massage (Also known as Shiatsu)

Stimulating important acupoints/acupuncture points and stroking certain meridians in the hands, feet and back enhances energy flow to balance the physical body. According to Japanese Medical Tradition and clinical experience, physical and emotional condition reflects one another, and both hinge on the state of energy flow. Balancing Qi flow simultaneously returns the body and emotions into balance. These treatments help maintain good health in general, enhance immune system, improve concentration as well as lower the levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Dr. Zelka Videc – TCM – Traditional & Electrical Acupuncture Chinese & Sports Massage – Ear Moxibustion

Dra. Zelka Videc is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduated in Shenyang, P.R. of China, practicing at Barrington`s : Acupuncture (whole body or only ears), Whole Body Massage 90 min., Partial Massage, your choice of either (head, neck, back, feet…) 60 min, Sports massage, and Cleaning Ear Wax Excess. After years of study of TCM, in China, Japan and Thailand Dr Zeka Videc has brought together a variety of massage techniques and combined them into a system of whole body treatment never before seen in the East or West, that helps treat and prevent serious health problems, or just as a treatment to energize, relax and give a feeling of well being.

Ria Siertsema – Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Ria is available for general physiotherapy treatments and consultations in acute or chronic situations of your injury or illness.
Specialising in rehabilitation, she can design specific training programmes for you. These are particularly useful when returning to sport, or for reconditioning you in pre- or post-operative situation, for example, a hip replacement or heart surgery.

Heinz Sax – Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage

Heinz has over 15 years experience in Physiotherapy and specialises in treating golf injuries including back, shoulder and neck problems. As well as being relaxing, his Remedial Massage can treat a variety of conditions including stiffness, tension and sports injuries.

Dr. Miguel Rego – Nutritionist

During a consultation with Dr Miguel Rego he will do a complete nutritional assessment, plus an anthropometric evaluation and works with clients to develop and implement an individual, nutritional and balanced menu.

Jill Swyers – Living Foods for Optimum Health

Jill is a Hippocrates Health Educator and offers consultations and advice on diet and nutrition based on the use of raw and living (vegetarian) foods.
Benefits include a detoxifying and cleansing of the body, helping against allergies and intolerance to certain foods, increasing energy, weight loss and the prevention of a wide range of diseases and dysfunctions, for a healthier, more vital way of life.